Wedding Catering Services To Create An Extraordinary Culinary Experience

At Angel’s International Catering, we love catering weddings. We will create an extraordinary culinary experience for you and your guests to enjoy on this most special of days. Our wedding catering is prepared carefully and lovingly for our brides and grooms because, after all, it’s your first meal as a married couple. It should be superbly tasty and memorable.

When our food is presented to your wedding guests, we know that you want everything to look flawless and taste amazing. That’s why we are always attentive to your specific wants and needs, and we will work with you to design a menu that you and your guests will love.

High-Quality Wedding Catering

Our staff understands the importance of having the perfect wedding catering to match your perfect day, and that’s why we always put so much care into everything we do. Our exceptional catering is sure to please everyone, and our service is everything you will want for your wedding.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we work hard to make weddings extra memorable through the flavors, presentation, and creativity of the food we serve. With every dish we prepare, every carving we craft, and every choice we make, we are considering you and your guests.

Food Catering Accolades

Menus Customized To Your Vision

No matter what serving style you decide on, you can rest easy knowing that our cuisine will truly enhance your wedding day. It looks as incredible as it tastes, and your guests are sure to love every bite.

You can select from a variety of international dishes for your big day, including Persian, Armenian, Russian, Mediterranean, Greek, and Mexican catering. We are happy to work with your vision and preferences to create a custom wedding menu that fits your wedding exactly. We understand that your wedding catering choices reflect you as a couple, and that’s why we work to make a truly outstanding impression.

Weddings Of All Sizes And Tastes

Whether your ceremony is large and fancy or sweet and simple, we will accommodate your wedding catering needs. No matter if you’re having a quiet backyard union, a ceremony on the beach, or a glamorous fairy-tale wedding, we’re here for you.

When it comes to our international catering, we are happy to collaborate with you to get exactly what you want. The type of food you select for us to make can be anything from your favorite recipe to authentic dishes that represent your heritage. It’s your wedding, and we want you to be as excited as we are about the amazing food that will be served.

Specialty Wedding Cupcakes

Specialty Tables And Themes

One of the things that sets Angel’s International Catering apart from other wedding catering companies is our specialty tables. We offer colorful fruit tables, stunning ice sculptures, elegant cake tables, and delectable dessert tables. Our fruit tables can include fruit carvings customized to your new married name, or any other words you may want.

This is one of our most popular services, and we take pride in these dazzling carvings. For weddings, it truly puts a signature on the reception and adds a personalized element that everyone will love. We are also able to customize our catering to match the theme of your wedding. Our level of creativity is one of our most notable traits, so be sure to talk to us about your wedding theme!

Allow Us To Design Your
Perfect Wedding Menu!

When it comes to wedding catering, there’s no better choice than Angel’s. We prepare every delicious plate with detail, creativity, and care. To begin planning your wedding menu, contact us today!

Wedding Dessert

Over A Decade Of Wedding Catering

With Angel’s International Catering, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you’re working with seasoned catering professionals. With over ten years of experience with wedding catering in Los Angeles, we are dedicated professionals that have what it takes to help all aspects of your wedding catering go smoothly. Our team can arrive fully prepared at any location you choose, or if you prefer us to work within the kitchen at your venue, we’re comfortable doing that as well.

We take great pride in our company’s work. A wedding is one of the most important occasions that is celebrated in life, and we love being a part of it. From setup to cleanup, we enjoy doing our best for couples who are just beginning their married lives together.

Wedding Catering With A Purpose

We know there are plenty of wedding catering companies to choose from. That’s why we work extra hard to be the absolute best choice for your wedding day. We’re proud of our superior and delicious creations, and we know that you will love them, too.

Ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied is what we enjoy most about what we do. From our customized carvings to our flavorful international dishes to our above-and-beyond customer service, we are your wedding catering professionals, here to help make your wedding day as magical as you’ve dreamed.