Most Popular Wedding Catering Trends 2017/2018

Wedding Catering Trends - Cocktail Hour Pairings

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding and looking for great catering menu ideas? There are several popular wedding catering trends that are still going strong from the beginning of this year that are expected to last through 2018.

Pairing And Sharing

One of the biggest wedding catering trends in the last several years involves cocktail hour. Serving a variety of mini-pairings instead of the classic champagne and cocktails has become widely popular. What exactly do these pairings include? Things such as Bellinis and small pastries; sliders with “beer shots”; crispy clams and baby-sized bloody Marys; wine with pasta bites, and tequila with tiny tacos. Scrumptious and cute!

Meaningful Menus

Hopefully your wedding day venue, dress, wedding party, music, and vows will all reflect who you are as a couple. Shouldn’t your wedding catering reflect who you are as well? A big wedding trend is for the catering menu to be specifically customized to the couple. What exactly does this mean? That’s up to you! Your customized wedding menu can recall where the two of you met—for instance, if you met in Italy, serve lots of pasta and spumoni. Or, your wedding catering could be simply a spread of your favorite foods. If you love barbecue, serve up a pulled pork feast! Your customized menu could even reflect your background, even if you and your fiancée are from different countries. Hey, Indian and Mexican food could be fun together!

Detailed Food Themes

“Small” food themes are cropping up big time. For example, serving fries and offering 12 different types of salt, or having truffle oil on several different dishes. Bacon is always popular too, with tables full of bacon-themed sides, such as bacon-wrapped mushrooms, bacon donuts, bacon cocktails, etc.

Wedding Catering Trends - Salt Bar

Keeping It Local

No matter where your wedding is, ask your caterer about what will be in season during your wedding day. You can also do some research of your own to find out what will be at its peak. Couples are turning to locally-sourced foods for everything to taste as amazing as possible. Serving fresh, delicious local foods and seasonal specialties instead of something that anyone could get anywhere has become a common catering request.

Statement Cakes

Mirror glaze cakes. Goth cakes. Drip cakes. Separate cakes. Hand-painted cakes. 2017-2018 is the time for wildly beautiful and creative wedding cakes. For a long time, cakes were out and other desserts were in—such as donut towers or wedding pies—but wedding cakes have come roaring back in full force, thanks to the stunning work of many trendsetting well-renowned bakers.

Keeping It Going

More often than not, weddings go late into the night, with lots of dancing and hanging out. In fact, hours and hours can go by since everyone last ate…and this means everyone gets hungry again. Because of this, more and more couples are arranging for their caterers to either prepare food or dessert with this thought in mind, or they arrange for their favorite food truck to swing by at midnight—or a local restaurant to deliver some late-night munchies! Lots of caterers will prepare a “wee hours of the morning” ice cream bar, donut table, gourmet pancakes, or savory snacks.

No matter how you choose to customize your wedding catering menu, make sure you request foods, drinks, and desserts that you and your fiancé(e) love. After all, it’s your wedding day, and everything should be according to your tastes! If you’re currently looking for wedding catering or catering for any other type of event, please feel free to contact Angel’s International Catering. We will work with you to fully customize your menu to whatever you want!