Top 3 Reasons To Choose Mediterranean Food Catering

Chicken Shawarma

When it comes to catering companies in Los Angeles, you have your pick of nearly any type of food. From Mexican catering to Mediterranean food catering to American, to Italian, Lebanese, Thai, and Chinese, Los Angeles is a foodie mecca where a party can have just about any catering you can think of.

So how do you choose between them all? With all the options, how is a host supposed to know what catering will be perfect for their event?

If your party has a theme, that’s a good place to start. For example, a Great Gatsby party could have delicate, fancy hors d’oeuvres. A big Mexican fiesta can have delicious tacos and burritos. A Hawaiian theme can have healthy seafood and fresh fruit displays.

But what if your event doesn’t have a theme? At Angel’s International Catering, we suggest Mediterranean catering. As an international catering company, we create catering menus that cover a wide variety of foods from all over the world, and Mediterranean catering is one of the absolute best types to choose.

Why? Because not only is Mediterranean food incredibly tasty, it’s also very healthy, so even your pickiest guests won’t be able to complain. Below are some of the benefits to choosing Mediterranean food catering.

Studies Have Shown It’s Healthier

It’s so heart-healthy, in fact, that many nutrition experts believe that Mediterranean food is the most heart-healthy type of food in the world. This is because at the core of Mediterranean cuisine is anti-inflammatories such as olive oil, protein, fruits, and vegetables. In fact, studies showed in the 1990s that people in Mediterranean countries lived longer than people in seven other countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Japan, and Finland), and had extremely low rates of heart disease.

Expert research and reporting on Mediterranean food has proven that it reduces the risk of certain diseases developing. What diseases does this include? Besides heart disease, Mediterranean food combats type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Lower In Fat Than Most Foods

All over the world, Mediterranean food has helped people lose weight in a healthy way, while keeping them satisfied. This is because Mediterranean cuisine keeps carbs low and improves a person’s intake of high-quality proteins. The combination of this with healthy fats means that a person who eats Mediterranean foods will have better blood sugar, more energy, healthier weight control, and even an improved mood.

Chicken Kebob - Mediterranean Food CateringMediterranean Food Tastes Amazing

There’s just something about tasty food that elevates a party to another level. Mouth-watering flavors of seasoned shawarma, freshly-baked bread, savory rice, and spiced yogurts, and creamy hummus are just a few hallmarks of Mediterranean food catering. Your guests will definitely return for seconds, and will leave very happy and satisfied!

At Angel’s International Catering, we can provide a customized menu for any type of cuisine you’d like for your event, whether it’s Mediterranean food catering or anything else! We specialize in international cuisine for parties of all kinds. If you’d like to ask us about our catering and services, please contact us! We look forward to speaking with you.