Bring Your Properties To Life
With Real Estate Open House Catering

Many successful real estate agents have discovered that going the extra mile when showing a property can really help boost their sales. This means a little more than simply dusting the place or even throwing some cookies in the oven to bake. The trick that more and more agents utilize these days is to have real estate open house catering available to buying prospects. This helps to really showcase the property: what the kitchen is capable of, and how homey this property can truly be. When you take advantage of catering for your open house property, you will see more and more buyers gather around. There’s just something about free food that spreads a good reputation and keeps people coming back again and again.

Set The Scene With Outstanding
Open House Catering

Buyers seek to imagine themselves in a particular setting, and when real estate agents paint a picture for them of what their life could look like—and it’s done well—this increases the potential buyer’s interest. This is a very important strategy that progressive agents are taking advantage of to help their sales.

This is why at Angel’s International Catering, we offer first-class real estate catering services for open houses. Whether it’s simple hors d’oeuvres, fun food stations, or simple sweets, placing food within an open house helps prospective customers to slow down and take a second to absorb the property. House hunters tend to linger longer in when tasty food and drinks are available.

Capture Potential Buyers With
Imaginative Real Estate Catering

Go the extra mile to properly show off your properties! By taking advantage
of our delicious and eye-pleasing catering, you’ll bring in more potential buyers
and make more sales.

Real Estate Catering Customization

Customize Menus From Savory
To Sweets To Stations

Many high-end open houses choose to go all out with elaborate catered spreads, and others decide to simply offer a few appetizers and sweets arranged on a nice table. Things like lemonade, brownies, gourmet coffee, and cheese plates are always great standbys, or you can really turn it up a notch with a chocolate fountain or a dazzling fruit station. With our à la carte or complete menus, we can provide you with the perfect food to get your buyers looking and talking.

We will work with you to create whatever type of food you’d like for your ideal open house, and we will serve it the way that best fits. We have real estate catering menus made especially for morning, midday, and sunset previews. We can even customize a colorful fruit centerpiece that will make a huge impression to your potential buyers. No matter what creative ideas you may have, just let us know and we will make it happen!

Nothing But The Best From Angel’s International Catering

No matter what kitchen we’re working from, creating food made from the freshest, healthiest ingredients is one of our top priorities. For ten years, we have focused on serving carefully-made catering that is not only delicious, but as healthy and beautiful as possible, too. We take pride in our creations for many reasons, including impressive displays, healthy ingredients, and incredible flavors.

When you team up with Angel’s International Catering, you can rest assured that your potential buyers will be getting delicious real estate open house catering that will keep them around for awhile. By providing excellent food, you will be reflecting your excellent property as well. If you serve sub-par catering, the property will most likely seem sub-par, too. Don’t make the mistake of serving food that is less-than. Go with healthy, delicious, well-prepared catering that will win over your potential buyers.