International Picnic Foods To Celebrate Picnic Month 2017

Spanish Charcuterie Board

Did you know that July is National Picnic Month? At Angel’s International Catering, we know all about it! This is the perfect time of year to gather your loved ones, head to the park or beach, and relax with games, chill out time, and of course incredible food! When it comes to catering companies in Los Angeles for picnics, Angel’s has you covered. We have a mobile kitchen that we can bring anywhere to make sure you get the perfect food for your picnic.

As an international catering company, we are fascinated with different foods from around the world. To celebrate Picnic Month, here is some common “picnic cuisine” from around the world that people regularly enjoy. And if anything inspires you on the list below and you want it for your upcoming picnic, just let us know!


Tapas is the name of the game with Spanish picnics, with foods such as gazpacho, charcuterie boards, and paella being shared and passed around. Charcuterie boards include delights such as jamón, dried fruits, and tangy cheeses.


A Russian picnic favorite are bierocks, which are meat-filled pocket pastries. They contain cabbage, ground beef, and onion. Russians also love their pirozhki—fried dough that can be stuffed with meat, veggies, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, egg, or cabbage.

Italian Caponata


The stars of an Italian picnic are salami, cheese, grilled or marinated veggies, caponata, and crusty bread. Pasta salad and caprese salad is also a common delicious dish shared at Italian picnics.


How does smoked salmon sound, or ham? This is what Irish people typically eat at their picnics, along with brown Irish bread and Dubliner cheeses.


In France, the most common lunchtime item that you can purchase at any roadside or beachside vendor is a pan bagnat—the classic tuna fish sandwich made with raw veggies, hard-boiled eggs, and whole wheat bread. This familiar and delicious meal is a popular staple of French picnics.


Finnish picnic goers often enjoy pickled fish and other salty foods—called a “herring lunch”—as their main way to celebrate the oncoming of the warmer months.


Scotch eggs are the reigning champion of British picnics, with pork pies and cucumber and cress sandwiches being close runners-up.


Green feta salad with kalamata olives and tomatoes, alongside marinated spiced chicken is the number one Greek picnic meal.

Guava Con Queso For Picnics
Guava Con Queso

Latin America

Flavor abounds with Latin America picnic foods! Bean enchiladas, guava con queso, and crispy tortillas make mouths water.


America loves its grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for picnics, with all the toppings. Traditional sides include potato salad, deviled eggs, and lots of desserts.


Indian picnics are a delightful mix of hot and cold dishes, featuring roasted corn rubbed with lime and chili powder, veggie or paneer cutlets, aloo parathas shaped into wedges, yogurt rice, and veggie chutney sandwiches.

There are countless ways to incorporate different types of foods when designing an outdoor-friendly menu. As one of the best catering companies in Los Angeles, we at Angel’s will help design the perfect catering menu for your special event. If you’d like to ask us about our catering services for a picnic or any other type of event, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!