The Finest International Catering Services In Los Angeles

Whether you’re having a Mexican fiesta, an Italian partito, a Russian feast, or any other event where you want international catering services, Angel’s can provide a customized international cuisine menu for you. We proudly prepare different types of meals from all over the world to suit and satisfy any taste. This includes Persian, Armenian, Russian, Mediterranean, Greek, and Mexican catering services—and more.

International Cuisine Catering
To Bring Your Event To Life

At Angel’s International Catering, we want to provide you with amazing food that you’re excited to serve to your guests.

Our Mediterranean catering includes incredibly flavorful kabobs, Persian rice, creamy hummus, sweet kenafeh, grilled eggplant, and bright, healthy salads. Our Mexican food catering is spicy and delicious, with burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and rice. In the mood for a Russian menu? We will happily prepare chicken Kiev, cheese plates, Stroganoff, pelmeni, or whatever else you’d like!

No matter what type of food you’re looking for, our chef and team will work hard to make it just right for your event. From birthday parties to corporate gatherings, your guests will love every bite of our international delights.

Customized Menus To Fit Your Cultural Cravings

Instead of having pre-planned menus, at Angel’s Catering we enjoy working with our clients to create a customized menu especially designed for their event. After you decide which type of international cuisine catering you’d like, together we will choose which dishes, sides, finger foods, and desserts should be served to the guests. Every special event is personal, and we believe that the menu should reflect that.

From whimsical foods for kid’s parties to elegant meals for family-style dinners at wedding receptions, we can do it all. We offer beautiful fruit carvings for any occasion, which can be tailored to your type of event. Our fruit carvings always make a big impression and add a beautiful touch to any event.

No matter what type of event you’re hosting—anniversary, wedding, a charity event, engagement, corporate gala, birthday, or any other party—we will create the perfect menu for you.

Taste An Array Of International Delights

If you’re looking for extraordinarily delicious cuisine from a specific country, Angel’s is exactly what you want. Let us provide an unforgettable menu for you and your guests!

Mediterranean Appetizers

Elevate Your Event With International Cuisine From Angel’s Catering

When you want your catering to be both delicious and visually beautiful, Angel’s is the perfect choice. We use the freshest ingredients and excellent chefs in order to provide catering that is both healthy and delicious for your guests.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we work hard to make sure everything is to your standards. If you have guests with special dietary needs such as gluten or kosher restrictions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re able to prepare substitutes for any allergy or need.

Full-Service Catering Rentals With Superior Customer Service

Our dedicated team has years of experience with events of all kinds. From intimate engagement parties to fancy corporate events to big lavish weddings, we have expertly provided impeccable catering, and above-and-beyond customer service, as well as full-service catering rentals to those who require it.

From set-up at the bride’s and groom’s house to preparing unforgettable meals to providing tables and chairs for your guests, we are a professional team of Los Angles caterers who you can rely on. Our services will help give you peace of mind on the day of your party. Allow us to help take the pressure off and provide excellent catering and table set-up for you.

International Catering Services To Match Any Event Theme

Many parties, such Sweet Sixteens and bat and bar mitzvahs, are themed. Over the years, we have catered many themed parties, and we are able and happy to create customized food to match whatever theme you’ve chosen. We have very talented staff members who will make beautiful or fun creations that go hand-in-hand with a theme of your choice! We are up-to-date on all of the latest dessert trends, and we’re constantly progressing in what we do. We enjoy getting creative with our catering!

Whether it’s a certain type of international cuisine catering or special designs, we will work with you to make sure our food matches the spirit of your event.

Bring Your Event To The Next Level With Our International Cuisine

Angel’s International Catering has been providing superior international catering services to Los Angeles for years. We take pride in our outstanding reputation and returning customers.

When you serve your guests flavorful, creative, and well-displayed food, you’re showing them that you have thought about their needs, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

With every dish and plate we create, we prepare with passion and consideration. Our international catering services are the best in Los Angeles—allow us to show you.