Cake-Tastic! Don’t Miss These Fabulous Cake Trends That Will Be Huge In 2018

2018 Cake Trends - Paint Brush Stroke Cakes

If you’re planning any kind of upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding reception, a quinceañera, a company party, or any other type of celebration, chances are you’ll want a fantastic cake to be the centerpiece of your occasion. But don’t just go the grocery store bakery route—get something a little more extraordinary to make your catering truly special. Check out these cake trends that experts are predicting to explode in 2018. At Angel’s International Catering, we’ve already started seeing some of these beauties! Take a look and see what might be perfect for your own event…

Paint Stroke Cakes

Made Instagram-famous by cake designer Kalbasa, these visually striking brush stroke cakes are more in demand now than ever. This gorgeous design began getting noticed in the summer of 2017, but industry experts predict they will start actually being seen at events all throughout 2018. With endless options for colors and design using candy melts, the brush stroke cake is about to see a mainstream emergence.

2018 Cake Trends - Paint Stroke Cakes

Watercolor And Hand-Painted Cakes

Again, these are cake trends from earlier in 2017 that are predicted to burst into parties of all kinds in 2018. Watercolor cakes and hand-painted cakes are very similar, but they do present a different effect. Both can be either softly romantic or wildly artistic to suit your type of event; for example, a hand-painted bachelorette party cake is probably going to look very different from a wedding cake. This is a versatile and very eye-pleasing style.

2018 Cake Trends - Watercolor And Hand-Painted Cakes

Bright Cakes With Eye-Popping Floral Toppers

More and more, these beautiful, sweet cakes are making bold appearances at top events. Whether it’s the icing or the cake itself that’s brightly colored, the trend of splashy-bright cakes with busy, complimentary floral toppers is a hit. It’s versatile as well, and it’s easy to combine with other cake trends that you may want to try out.

2018 Cake Trends - Colorful Cakes With Busy Floral Toppers

Spiky Icing Cakes

Perfect for quinceañeras, Sweet 16s, kids’ parties, and bachelorette parties, this punky cake trend is fun, festive, and unique. Both a visual and delectable treat, spiky icing cakes will set the tone of your event nicely, and can be customized in endless colors and styles.

2018 Cake Trends - Spiky Icing

Hyper-Textured Cakes

This is different than just globbing a little extra icing on. The “hyper-textured” cake trend is a stunning, chic design that is prepared carefully and thoroughly, with lots of detail and skill. The result is a stunning, romantic cake with soft textures that fit perfectly into a high-end event or romantic wedding.

2018 Cake Trends - Hyper Texturized Icing

Sweets Cakes

Another cake trend that’s a perfect fit for kids’ parties, quinceañeras, and Sweet 16s is the “sweets cakes” trend, where cakes are decorated with other desserts such as macaroons, donuts, ice cream cones, lollipops, and anything else your heart desires. Colorful, youthful, bright, fun, and scrumptious, sweets cakes are a delightful addition to any party.

2018 Cake Trends - Dessert Cakes

Trending Stars Of 2017

A few cake trends that were so huge in 2017 that we believe they will continue to go strong throughout 2018 are geode cakes, floral hombres, and separated tier cakes.

Geode cakes are part of the still-hot “geometric” trend that weddings have seen this year. Using granulated sugar and rock candy to create depth and realism, geode cakes are as eye-dazzling as they are delicious.

Floral hombres are extremely popular in the party planning industry because they’re perfect for so many occasions: weddings, baby showers, quinceañeras, Sweet 16s, bachelorette parties, and more. They are also visually striking and make a big impression.

Separated tier cakes have grown in popularity over the last few years due to the fact that this type of cake caters to different dietary restrictions and tastes. Not only do separated cake tiers look lovely; you can also offer your guests something that they can enjoy, whether that simply means a different flavor or gluten-free.

2018 Cake Trends - Borrowed From 2017Bonus: Edible Shot Glasses

And because it’s not always just about cake, here’s a bonus trending dessert that experts think will be everywhere in 2018: edible shot glasses! They are delicious, practical, cute, and unique. You can get edible shot glasses made of cookies, hard candy, chocolate, cucumbers, and lots of other fun things. Edible shot glasses add one more fun element to a party.

2018 Catering Trends - Edible Shot Glasses

At Angel’s International Catering, we can create a wide variety of customized desserts for your big event. If you’d like something special, unique, and delicious for your party, please contact us today!