Designing A Unique Wedding Catering Menu That’s Perfect For Your Big Day

Unique Wedding Catering - Seasonal Hors Doeuvres

Most couples want something exciting, delicious, and different at their wedding reception—not just the same old dishes that are expected. In order to create a unique wedding catering menu, sometimes it’s a good idea to try a few approaches. At Angel’s International Catering, one of our favorite things about our industry is getting to be creative and tap into the specific style and theme of a wedding. After all, no two weddings are alike. Why should the catering be? Here’s a few things to think about when going over wedding catering options with a caterer.

Unique Wedding Catering - Brunch FoodDon’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

Perhaps you think it would be fun to have a brunch-time wedding and serve nothing but brunch foods. Or maybe you want to serve tiny bottles of Coke with tiny sliders. Or you could want a carnival-food theme. No matter what “crazy” food dreams you may have for your wedding, you should be able to do whatever you want!

Get Inspired By Seasonal Flavors

When you use seasonal ingredients and flavors for your wedding menu, it adds an extra level of personality and sophistication. Consider what will be in season and fresh during your wedding month, and go from there. Your guests will certainly appreciate a fresh, exciting menu that incorporates local delights over a more predicable menu.

Get Personal

Maybe you want to serve all of your guests your favorite childhood dish. Maybe you want your caterer to re-create the meal you and your spouse-to-be had on your first date. Or maybe you want to serve everyone something that reflects your heritage. Incorporating “yourself” into your unique wedding catering menu is a great idea. After all, the day is going to be all about you and your partner!

Unique Wedding Catering - Paired MiniaturesSettle On A Style

Are you envisioning an exquisite gourmet dinner served family style to your closest family and friends? Or is a trendy, less formal buffet more up your alley? Maybe you’d rather just have a variety of fashionable hors d’oeuvres served all night. There are a few different serving styles to choose from, so make sure you know exactly what you want so the catering menu can be adjusted to it.

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

It’s not just about the food being delicious—it’s also about it looking beautiful. Presentation is a huge part of what we do at Angel’s Catering. We believe display makes the food taste even better. Having artfully-plated meals will up the “wow factor” you want at your wedding reception. Make sure that, no matter what caterer you decide on, they understand the importance of the food’s appearance.

At Angel’s International Catering, we work closely with our clients to design the perfect delicious and unique wedding catering menu for their big day. Because each wedding is different, we create a custom menu from scratch for each and every couple. Contact us today to find out more about how our process works and what we can do for you.